What makes eLycée special

How does eLycée compare to the crème de la crème?

There are a lot of programs available on the market and it can be hard to choose the one that’s right for you. Everyone has different educational needs, so it’s important to find a good fit. One program might have excellent teachers, but might be too far away from home to be convenient. Another might allow you to learn from home, but offer no human interaction.

With eLycée, you don’t have to make those kinds of sacrifices. Our software makes it possible to study at home without missing out on personalized feedback from teachers, or the joy of making friends with classmates.

Let’s see just how eLycée measures up to the competition:

Teacher/Student interaction N/A N/A
Ease of commute 0 0
Teacher accreditation N/A N/A
24/7 access to resources
Affordability of books and supplies
Value for price

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