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From June/July 2007

"We'd like to thank you for the great work you have done this year, and for giving our son so much more confidence with his French; you have taken something that was a worry for him and made it fun and educational." - Father of a student in our A2 class

"I have really enjoyed this year with eLycée. It's different from the other French classes because we really cover everything - speaking, writing and reading - and we really get better at it! I can't wait to start again in September."
- Caroline, one of our AP French Language students

"eLycée is exactly what we were looking for. We're going back to France in 2009; before P. started eLycée he was against the idea. Now he's looking forward to it."
- Mother of a student in our A2 class

"The class I enjoyed the most was 'Balou et Cava'. We started by watching short films and writing about what we could see. Then we wrote about what might happen next... I liked it because I love to use my imagination and I also love watching films online."
- Philippe, one of our B1 students

"We tried all kinds of solutions for Nat's French education; he loves eLycée. He looks forward to his class every week."
- Mother of a student in our B2 class

Academic year 2006-07

"P has already made progress with his French; this is exactly what we were hoping for."
- Father of 11-year old

"I have really learnt a lot... it's the first time I've spoken this much French... and we never work in English with eLycée!"
- AP French Language student

“I am thrilled with the activities to which I have been introduced; I have been rearranging my lesson plans so I can fit them in! Thank you for all your help and inspiration”
- French Teacher, MA

"...we have sent C's written work home to her Grandmother in France; she is going to be thrilled that C is writing in French again!"
- Mother of 11-year old

"I have never spoken this much French in a French lesson!"
- 12-year old

"I used to hate writing French; these classes have changed that."
- 14-year old

"I can already see the improvement in my French classes at school."
- 16-year old


« eLycée est une solution extrêmement intéressante et appropriée pour résoudre le problème des familles qui n'ont pas accès à une éducation française. Je suis ravi que des établissements soutiennent le programme eLycée et souhaite que cette collaboration s'étende. »
- Philippe Sauret, Responsable de la promotion du français de l'Ambassade de France à Washington, et Chef de Service responsable des établissements français de l'étranger en Amérique du Nord

« eLycée permet d’assurer à nos expatriés et leurs enfants un lien pédagogique avec notre enseignement, elle conforte une présence de notre culture… tous ces efforts sont indispensables pour maintenir notre rang dans le monde. »
- Michel Guerry, Sénateur représentant les Français établis hors de France

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