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Network and firewall configuration

This page describes the require network connectivity for operating eMédiathèque and Marratech client software smoothly. It is addressed to network administrators and/or expert users.

Required IP traffic

Both eMédiathèque and Marratech require outgoing connections to specific ports to work. Firewall usually let any outgoing TCP and UDP traffic, but block unknown incoming traffic, (which is the default firewall configuration for a reasonnable security level).

Since emédiathèque and Marratech only establish outgoing connections, they will work fine in this scenario, and no specific configuration is required. If however your firewall also blocks outgoing traffic, you need to open outgoing connections for the following IP ports:

TCP 8000HTTP/Marratech
TCP 8001 *HTTPS/Marratech
UDP 52000 to 52999Marratech multimedia traffic

(* only if you want to use secure Web access to Marratech)

Personal firewall setup

Many operating systems and security suites provide personal firewalls which will block outgoing traffic for new application unless the user explicitely allows access to internet to these applications. Such firewall software usually ask the user if the application is allowed to access the internet the first time they are used.

It is of course necessary to answer YES or ALLOW when you are prompted the first time you run eMédiathèque or Marratech.

Bandwidth requirements

The bandwidth provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is usually asymmetric, meaning that they provide a better download capacity than upload. Videoconference software need a good upload bandwith especially when they allow many-to-many interactions (which is the case of eLycée classrooms).

EMédiathèque and Marratech require only 512kb/s down and 256kb/s up, however it is more comfortable to have at least 1024kb/s down and 512kb/s up.

You can do a speed test here and select NEW YORK to test your internet connection speed.

Please also note that te stability of your internet connection is very important for the quality of the audio signal and the overall videoconference experience. Even with a very high average bandwidth, an unstable connection can lead to sound "cuts" and "blackouts".

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