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There are a number of French language diplomas and certificates that are recognized around the world. Whether you need a certificate to get you into university, or a diploma for a job application, we can help you get it.

AP French Language & Literature

We run courses to prepare students for the AP French Language and AP French Literature exams. We also have a support network for French teachers looking for a reliable, professional solution to deal with the growing demand for AP French. Visit the College Board website.


The DELF/DALF is the French Ministry of Education's official French proficiency exam. Having the DELF/DALF certificate allows you to opt out of a French university's language entrance exam, and it looks great on your resume. Contact us for more information or visit the French Ministry of Education's Centre international d'études pédagogiques website.

The Council of Europe's Language Portfolio

The European Language Portfolio contains a language passport which its owner regularly updates. A grid is provided where his/her language competences can be described according to common criteria accepted throughout Europe and which can serve as a complement to customary certificates. The document also contains a detailed language biography describing the owner's experiences in each language and which is designed to guide the learner in planning and assessing progress. Finally, there is a dossier where examples of personal work can be kept to illustrate one's language competences. Contact us for more information or visit the Council of Europe's website.


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