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Founding partners

Christine Frin, CEO and Founder

Journalist, educator and manager, Christine Frin brings more than 20 years of experience teaching and administrating innovative educational programs. She created and ran two cultural non-profits in France, and was a journalist for France-Amérique Le Figaro, New York and San Francisco. Her teaching experience includes bilingual education and covers a variety of schools ranging from the immigrant, high-poverty suburbs of Paris to California's affluent Marin County. Holding a Masters in Education from the Sorbonne, she is an accredited teacher in France and the United States. Her two children are pursuing their studies in France.

Jean-Claude Zambelli, Founder

Jean-Claude is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Belfort (ENIB), the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE), Paris, and the Institut de Contrôle de Gestion (ICG), Paris. He was Managing Director of Meta Design Semiconductors, co-founder of the Ecole Franco-américaine de la Silicon Valley, a consultant for French foreign affairs in San Francisco, creator of the Silicon French "Mentorship program", president of the UFE (Union des Français de l’Etranger) in San Francisco, and president elect on the Board of Directors at the Lycée Français La Pérouse in San Francisco.

Philippe Geneste, CFO

Having moved to the Bay Area five years ago, Philippe is currently researching and consulting with French banks on recent developments in credit use in the US particularly with respect to lower income households. Prior to moving to the San Francisco area, Philippe worked in London and New York where he primarily focused on risk management and derivatives products. Most recently, he was the COO of the Structured Finance group of Enhance Financial Services specializing in delivering credit structures to corporate and public borrowers in the US and overseas. In London he initiated the use of credit derivatives for the UBS loan portfolio where he was previously a member of the London Risk Management Committee. He had joined UBS in 1994 after several positions in New York with Merrill Lynch and Bankers Trust where he was one of the originators of several models for measurement of capital efficiency. The father of three children currently attending the Lycée La Pérouse, he was recently elected to the Board of this institution.

Michel Kohon, COO

Michel has 35 years of Software Technology and Information experience inluding 21 in the US where he became a Citizen. With a mix of business, marketing, sales, education, publishing and technology background including e-learning, Kohon brings a total strategic vision to creating worldwide education services. Kohon served as CTO with Healthcenter, a Lucent venture, Caredata a provider of medical web services and was previously Executive VP for O'PIN Systems, a provider of Enterprise Solutions in Minneapolis, MN. Kohon created several startup companies and for a long time was VP, IT for Cargill in Europe. He is now based in Paris, France.

Jim Christie, Vice President, Marketing

Jim has over 15 years experience in branding, marketing and strategic design. He joins eLycée from his firm where he established an international reputation communicating in a refreshing and memorable way for high visibility clients such as: MTV, Bloomingdale's, Conde Nast, The Children's Television Workshop, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Paul McCartney and numerous other museums, organizations and commercial clients. Jim is married to well-known French illustrator, Isabelle Dervaux and has two children currently attending the Lycée La Pérouse. This is his fourth year serving on the Board of Directors of the school.

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