Learn French anywhere anytime

High quality, low cost French education

eLycée provides a high-quality, low-cost education solution for students of French language and culture. Our Internet-based classes, workshops and group sessions are engaging and contemporary, and the program of classes for kids requires minimal effort from parents.

Added value

Our teaching method mixes 3 key components to create a successful learning environment for our students aged 10 and up:

  • new and evolving technology
  • teacher-student interaction
  • an online learning community

Although technology plays a vital role in what we do, the real value is in the way it is used to enhance traditional features such as classroom time and social interaction. Students spend quality time in the virtual classroom, working with fellow students and teachers using web-based collaborative tools like videoconferencing, shared applications and eLycée's unique virtual classroom, eMédiathèque.

Academic staff

Our teachers are certified by the Ministère de l'éducation nationale.


Our curriculum is designed to engage and stimulate; we teach language skills to a very high standard using contemporary material.


eLycée's learning community is a convivial environment where students meet, work together, and develop friendships.

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